CD HTC Company Batting & Fleece

HTC Fusible Fleece: 100% Polyester. Fusible, needle-punched fleece for interlining, padding, quilting and crafts.


CD Heat Press Batting Together

Just butt the two edges of batting together and lay this down the middle of the seam. Lightly press and the batting will stay together! Much faster than trying to sew or whip stitch batting together!


CD Pellon Company Batting & Fleece

Insulated Fleece is needle punched polyester onto a metalized Mylar for projeccts such as pot holders, hot pads and lunch bags.


CD Warm Company Batting

Warm and Natural
90" wide by the yard = $10.16 yrd
or pkgs of 120" x 124" = $48.00 pkg.
100% cotton fibers are punched with hundreds of needles through a thin base material to prevent tearing, shifting or migrating. Warm & Natural's cottons flexibility makes it ideal for both inside and outside use. Quilt or tie up to 10in apart.


Hobbs Company Batting

Heirloom Premium Cotton Blend
120" wide = $9.15 yard
or 96" wide = $7.32 yard.
Heirloom Premium Cotton Blend is 80% Unbleached Cotton and 20% Polyester, is lightly needlepunched and lightly resin bonded. Can be quilted by hand or machine up to 4 inches apart.

Thermore Ultra Thin
45" wide = $5.14 yard
This unique and patented product was developed as a thin, drapable, migration free polyester batt. Thermore is now considered the "premium" polyester batt for clothing and miniatures. Thermore can be quilted up to 6in - 8in apart and is wonderful to quilt by hand or machine.